Detta blogginlägg görs på engelska eftersom min avsikt är att posta länken på en engelskspråkig sida.


Every now and then I get the urge to go on a cruise. And every now and then occurs more and more often.

In February we’re booked to cruise the Caribbean, but it’s kind of a long way there – several months… so… every time I see one of the big cruise ships just cruising by outside our coastline I get the urge to cruise.

Today we saw the MS Nordic Empress, as she was named when she sailed under the Royal Caribbean flag. Now she’s under the RCI subsidiary Pulmantur Cruises and renamed MS Empress.

It’s an old ship (which you cannot see from the beach) so it’s probably not for me, but it’s still enough of a cruise ship to make me want to pack my bags.


The little speck on the horizon, if you draw a line between the the kite and the boat on the beach, is the Empress.



Zoomed in – clearly visible to the eye but not a cell phone lens – is the Empress.


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